5 Things You May Have Missed at BDTH’s Los Angeles Jam Session

This past weekend kick-started Music Forward’s national multi-week program, Bringing Down the House (BDTH). After many submissions in the Los Angeles location, twelve talented musicians and bands from South LA to Burbank came together for their first jam session! These amazingly talented youth were provided the opportunity to connect with other young artists and begin their journey of finally learning all about the music industry. Here are five things you may have missed about Music Forward’s Bringing Down the House Jam Session:


  1. Youth Performed Fun, Interactive Exercises

All twelve participants came from differing musical genres including; a hip hop group, rapper, metal band, alternative punk rock band, and two individual pop artists. The first activity involved each artist taping a piece of paper taped to their forehead with a musical artist. They then had to find which person they were by asking their peers questions. Activities like this allowed for the youth to ease into the program while simultaneously starting to familiarize themselves with their fellow Class members and potential collaborators.


  1. Music Connected Everyone

As each participant performed this past weekend, it became clear that the students used music to connect to each other. During transitions and breaks, students collaborated and sung together. At one point, a group of young artists broke out into the “FRIEND’S” theme song and many of the other young artists joined in. Even though the students shared differing musical genres, they soon realized they all shared a common love for music. Through the art of performing, the students were able to connect through the powerful language of music.


  1. Alumni Offered Invaluable Advice

Recent alumni, Hoity-Toity, performed an impromptu performance, giving students the opportunity to see first hard the growth and talent of a local BDTH alumni. With a contributing alumni presence, youth were able to receive advice and ask more questions about their upcoming experience in BDTH.


  1. Students Learned to Network and Market Themselves

Youth were taught about relevant social media techniques for musical artists such as the timing of posts and proper hashtags to market themselves and promote the upcoming showcase. They were also encouraged to take the session as an opportunity to build their networks by actively interacting with each other and the industry professionals.


  1. Individuality Was Celebrated

Music Forward provided a space for the students to talk, interact, and jam together as well as share their OWN artistic style. It was clear that by having the students musically engage with one other, they were able to appreciate the originality every artist has to offer as well as the inspiration that can come from collaborating with different genres.