BDTH Alumni Spotlight: Meresha

Bringing Down the House (Boston 2016) alumni Meresha’s musical career shows many signs of promising things to come. Not only has she been recognized as the #1 Indie Artist in the U.S. for a month with her hit, “New Revolution,” but her music has been on the Top 40 Billboard charts 3 times. In fact, Billboard recently named her the #6 Emerging Artist globally. Her indie sound combined with her soulful voice has garnered the support of many indie-loving fans with over 66,000 followers on Twitter and over 2 million Youtube views.

One of Meresha’s many impressive talents come from her “ability to compose and perform every song she has released, playing keys, guitar and drums…based on electronic sounds.” Meresha’s eccentric beats have charmed the critics who are quoted as saying: “Meresha may soon be on a first-name basis with the public.”  (The Palm Beach Post)

In the words of Meresha, “I’m a female, independent musician trying to make it on the charts. Ask anyone. They’ll tell you that is impossible. That’s why I’m doing it. (Or trying at least).” With this determination to break the mold, Meresha has been able to perform at venues such as the Mizner Amphitheater, Hard Rock Cafe and B.B. King’s.

Most notably, Meresha has performed her songs live in concert with artists such as Adam Lambert and Third Eye Blind. At the end of 2016, she released “Juntos,” (“Together”) debuting her first song in Spanish, increasing her mass appeal to international fans.  Her recent release of  “Juntos” reveals “society’s need to come together through the power of love.” Meresha’s other accomplishments include her EP hit “New Revolution” which entered the Billboard Top 40 Indicator chart in between Adele and Justin Bieber. Meresha is also notably a Grammy voter.

“’Together and ‘Juntos’ are songs about experiencing love, at both a personal and universal level. Love is the only way that the world can become united at the core.” –Meresha

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