Meet the Staff Monday: Christina Martin, Bringing Down the House Production Assistant

Have you ever volunteered back home in Texas or at UCLA?
Volunteering is something that has always been a part of my life! I started as a Girl Scout in 3rd grade and also got involved with my local Boys & Girls Club back home. At UCLA, I served as a mentor in a middle school tutoring program, and I am currently a member of a band service fraternity that gives back to the UCLA marching band and local music community.

What would be the ideal job for you upon graduation?
In an ideal world, post-graduation-Christina is a dynamic arts advocate whose event planning, community outreach, public programming, and more makes a real impact in the community. I would love to work in a city like Washington DC or NYC, and a few ideas include the Smithsonian museums, the Kennedy Center, city government, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

What has been your favorite concert and marching band experience?
This past May, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Taiwan with 50 members of the UCLA Bruin Marching Band. We performed at an international marching band festival in Taoyuan (a suburb of Taipei) for a few days, and then the organizers took us on a three-day sightseeing tour. From the delicious food to the rich history and culture, it was an experience I will never forget!