Meet the Staff Monday: Elisa Morimoto, Director of Operations

What has been the most important lesson you’ve learned so far at Music Forward?

Pause to connect. Music Forward has grown tremendously the past few years and the day-to-day of it can be jam-packed with planning and emails, phone calls and meetings all in high octane execution-mode. Yet a key factor of our success is the people and our ability to connect as a team, as well as connect with a broader community. And to connect, you sometimes have to hit the pause button, listen, laugh and share a bit of ourselves. And the moments I remember the lesson to pause, I am most grateful to be a part of Music Forward.


If you could be anyone else at Music Forward for one day, who would it be and why?

One of our program participants. The youth involved in our programs are full of hope, curiosity, ambition, and energy, and to be given an opportunity to connect with peers and adults in a unique setting is exciting. Also, to sit in their shoes, even if just for a day, I imagine it would be an eye-opening experience for me to see from their perspective.


Personal Favorites

Who do you normally listen to music with? My family. Music invokes different things for us: I want to dance and sing, my daughter connects songs to people in her life, and, for my fiancé, songs can make him recall specific life milestones.

Is there one genre of music you wish you listened to more of? Not in this age – we’re lucky to have so much access to a variety of music at our fingertips!

What is your favorite radio station to drive along to? Predominately, public radio is playing in my car, but I also enjoy pop, classical, hip hop, and Spanish rock.