Meet the Staff Monday: Greg Dunn, Programs Intern

You play a lot of instruments, would you say reading and writing music come naturally to you? Why?

I tend to focus a lot on theory and structure of music. Reading music comes naturally for me in that it’s a codification of the way I listen to music. But writing music is more difficult because I get bogged down in trying to do something that is theoretically innovative or interesting, and I lose sight of writing something that makes sense as a creative work.


How do you plan to help other musicians form community bonds?

The ways that I’ve found community are through making music with other musicians. I’m excited to work on Bringing Down The House, because it’s a great platform for this practice. The program provides a space for musicians to create music with each other.


What is your favorite instrument to play and why?

Bass is the most fun for me because of the freedom – I can pretty much play whatever I want (chromatic lines, chords, or in alternating octaves) and as long as I hit the root note on beat one, people assume I’ve had a plan this entire time.