Meet the Staff Monday: Kayla Perez, Development and Communications Intern

Was there a particular experience or moment where you realized you were passionate about the nonprofit sector?

Prior to this internship, my experience being a camp counselor for UCLA Unicamp has allowed me to develop an immense passion for the nonprofit sector. Being able to provide underprivileged students with a chance to experience an old-fashioned summer camp while simultaneously teaching them the importance of self-care is simply a priceless opportunity. It allows you to realize that all of your hard work is truly making a difference within these children’s lives. All the stressful moments, the pressing deadlines, and the millions of hours put into planning are all worth it in the end. The smiles, the tears, and the countless number of laughs that these children experience at camp remind you that you are truly making a difference. I was definitely reminded of this feeling when the high school students came into the office for a Shadow Day. Their smiling faces and strong interest in the work environment truly shows the impact that the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation has on the youth we are helping. It is also amazing to see the work that the staff puts into making this program succeeded. All the planning and work that Namm Jam required truly proves that the staff in this office really care about helping our youth reach their potential. Overall, it is hard work, but it is work that is allowing the dreams of our youth to become a reality. Why not be passionate about that?


What’s been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned so far as an intern here at Music Forward?

So far, I have learned the importance of communication and asking for help. When I am confused or misunderstand something, I have learned that it is extremely important to clarify with my advisers rather than trying to solve it myself. In other words, it is better to ask and do the task right rather than doing it on my own and risking it being wrong.


What has been your favorite concert experience and why?

My favorite concert experience would have to be seeing the Chainsmokers for free in Las Vegas over Christmas Break. I have been wanting to see them for quite some time, but being in my current financial situation, it was not possible to see them in LA for $130. I had gone to Vegas for the first time since turning 21 to celebrate my best friend’s 21st birthday. We were out celebrating and a promoter asked us if we wanted to see the Chainsmokers for free. Naturally, we did not turn this offer down. When we got into the concert, not only was it for free, but we were front row! It was absolutely amazing to be able to have seen them up close surrounded by other Chainsmokers fans. It was truly an unforgettable experience.