It’s amazing what an instrument can do in deserving hands. Give Music provides aspiring
young musicians a chance to nurture their passion, strengthen their talents, expand their
possibilities, and pursue their lifetime goals on an instrument they can call their very own.
Give Music paves pathways to college and career, unites schools in sound, and connects
young people to their community. More than melodies are created when a young person
receives an instrument – dreams are fulfilled.


Mario dreamed of having his own saxophone to practice and perform the music he loved. He sold candy for an entire year to raise the money he needed to buy an instrument. Tragically, his saxophone was destroyed in a flood just months after he bought it. That’s when we met Mario. He told us about his deep connection to his sax, his love for making music, and his determination for success. He asked if there was anything Music Forward could do to help.

Like Mario, many young musicians do not have instruments to call their own. Any instruments that may be available to them are usually old, damaged, or shared among many students, and they cannot be taken home for practice. Give Music solves this problem for young musicians nationwide.

Give Music is an annual campaign that raises funds to put instruments into the hands of young musicians who need them most. Mario, along with hundreds of other young musicians, have now had their musical wishes fulfilled. In just two years, Give Music has gifted over 300 instruments with a combined value of more than $100,000 to deserving young musicians.


Recognizing that music has the power to open doors to success, we invite passionate young musicians who lack the resources to purchase their own instrument, to tell us how the gift of an instrument would help them pursue their personal and musical goals. With the support of our donors, we work to match intermediate and advanced musicians with their own instrument.


Give Music puts instruments into the hands of serious young musicians, giving them the ability to strengthen their talent and expand their possibilities.

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