Big News for Bringing Down the House Alumni Band

Since participating in Bringing Down the House (2015, Las Vegas), the young, female-fronted rock band called Almost Awake has quickly caught the attention of record labels nationwide. Their hard work and dedication has clearly paid off, recently landing them a contract with Tommy Boy Entertainment. The band comments below on what this new achievement feels like for them. 

“It feels pretty amazing…It’s probably more of a validation of what we’ve been doing then anything else at this point. Now it’s really just getting down to business and making sure we make some music worth the investment people are making in us. It’s really crazy to talk to experienced, successful industry people who believe in what you’re doing.”

Formed in mid-2014, the five-piece band describes their sound as, “a bombastic blend of melody and musicianship” (Facebook page). The musicians behind Almost Awake consists of Victoria Liano (lead vocalist), Grady Jones (lead guitar), Gabe Conover (drums), Addison Egelhoff (rhythm guitar), and Tommy Cochran (bass). This fast-rising, high energy group of teenagers (16-19 years old) cite their musical influences as ranging from Paramore all the way to Marcus Miller. 

Almost Awake performs at House of Blues

Luckily for Music Forward, Almost Awake still maintains an active alumni role for the Bringing Down the House program. The band has gone on to support other Bringing Down the House artists, speaking at various program sessions during tours. Most recently, the band came to offer their support and provided advice to the 2017 class about their experience with Music Forward at our first session. They also provided their very own testimonial about their experience. 

“We really didn’t expect all the amazing insight we got out of it. We really took the whole thing seriously, did all of the work, showed up on time and asked as many questions as we could. One of the best lessons we really took to heart, and that has really helped us, is building relationships. It’s kind of become our first priority no matter who we work with…promoters, other artists, writers, lawyers, programmers, everyone…and that relationships aren’t built by just hitting industry people up and asking for help. It’s also about giving back and building friendships without asking for anything. If your music is good, people will hear it and those relationships become the foundation of a team. There’s no way we could have accomplished even this much alone, especially at our age and with our lack of experience.
The other thing was just playing at HOB; it really gave us a taste of what a real stage feels like. All of us really decided we wanted to do this for a living that night at the showcase. It was pretty cool. We try to stay involved with Music Forward because we really are grateful to the program and all of the people there. We really love everyone involved- it’s been amazing all the way around.”

Since their participation in Bringing Down the House 2015, Almost Awake has released an extremely well-received first EP, titled “The Explorer.” A number of additional tracks are also available for free streaming from the Almost Awake Soundcloud page.

Fans who missed out on the show can still check out the band’s live performance from the House of Blues on their YouTube page. The band has since produced several hit videos, including their popular rendition of 5 Seconds of Summer’s “Long Way Home” that has received over 53,000 YouTube views.

Additional success for the Bringing Down the House alumni include selection for radio play by A.V.A. Live Radio, KGUP FM Emerge Radio, Extreme Radio X 107.5, Mix 94.1, EGH Radio in the UK, Women of Substance Radio, Music Inferno Radio, among many others.


A branded image featuring Almost Awake

Almost Awake has performed throughout the West Coast with The Extreme Tour, The Mesa Mesa Festival, and serving as an opening act for various bands including Escape The Fate, Slaves, Capture the Crown, Roam, and Hit the Lights.

This year, Almost Awake released their new single “What Did I Do” to purchase on iTunes. Never failing to go the extra mile, the band simultaneously released their DIY music video for “The Intruder”. Their speciality in music video production has amassed their YouTube total views to over 180,600 – here’s hoping those numbers just keep increasing! One thing’s for sure, this band is destined for great things. 

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