Bringing Down the House: Making Dreams Come True

Raheem Maughn, known as JVOTI by his stage name recently crushed it at Houston’s Bringing Down the House at the House of Blues on April 18th. He actually did so well that he received the opportunity to open just last week (May 9, 2017) for Wale’s “The Shine” tour through an opportunity made available by a panelist who saw him at the showcase!

We are proud to say that Bringing Down the House stages are giving our youth a platform to shine. These stages are putting them in the right spaces to showcase their unique talent while empowering them to take advantage of invaluable opportunities to network with entertainment industry professionals.

Here you can get to know JVOTI, our Bringing Down the House 2017 Alumni who recently experienced this once in a lifetime opportunity. Special thanks to Devin Bettineschi for being a part of the Bringing Down the House program and believing in our young artists. 

Tell us about who you are as an artist and what inspires YOU.

I’m just a kid who decided to channel my overly zealous feelings and put them in a song. I find that I resonate more with a person’s vibe and frequency through music and overall I just love to entertain people.

JVOTI performs at House of Blues Houston on April 18, 2017

JVOTI performs at House of Blues Houston on April 18, 2017

Inspiration for me comes in many forms; whether it’s the admiration or characteristics in someone such as their dedication…even something as simple as a question as to why something is the way it is…and then being aware of the feeling that question creates. One of my most inspiring moments is knowing that I don’t know everything and knowing that it is alright to not know, or to ever know in the first place. It is the driving source of my music, being aware but not worrying about the next day.

In the meantime I believe you should just enjoy yourself and with my music, “just vibe out to it.”

JVOTI sings at Music Forward’s Bringing Down the House

What drew you to the Bringing Down the House Program?
I was referred by a friend Sydney is also an alumni of the BTDH program. I loved the vision and wanted to be a part of it.

What was your favorite experience and/or lesson during Bringing Down the House?
My favorite experience was the camaraderie among the other artists and being around a group of people who are passionate about the same thing as you with the goal of figuring out how to make a living off of becoming an entertainer.

Were there any key relationships or connections that you were happy to make?
Yes indeed, there is the Music Forward program coordinator Raymond Auzenne – he is the co-owner of the label called “Roologic.” {Roologic has also assisted with booking other shows for JVOTI} I was also happy to meet some artists that I will be working with in the future like the band “No Rehearsal.” Next, Mr. Bettineschi, a House of Blues talent buyer and showcase panelist at Bringing Down the House is the person responsible for me landing the opening gig at the Wale show.

I love the idea of developing partnerships over networking because in my head it is more “what can I do for you” than “what can you do for me.” I personally feel this mindset speaks a lot about your character and how you are willing to put others first and selflessness goes a long way.

How did your opportunity to open for Wale come about?
We had the House of Blues showcase and performance that was killed by me and the band; Raven (guitar), Bryant(drums), Weldon(keys), and Josh(bass). After the performance I was told by Mr. Bettineschi that it was actually possible he could get into contact with Wale’s touring agent based off the strength of that Bringing Down the House performance.

Tell us about your experience opening for Wale!
It was exciting in the moments leading up to the performance – I could see the room fill with people waiting to see Wale who gave an outstanding performance.

I’m a firm believer that as long as you put in the work before, you’ll be ready for any opportunity that will come your way. I was ready and prepared and received great response from the crowd especially from my song “What You Need.” [on]

I taught the crowd the hook and they sang it back the whole performance so that was an amazing experience. And it’s only the beginning!

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