My Music Forward Internship Experience

Above: Kayla Perez is pictured seated at the computer with Development Project Manager, Hayley Bowyer to the left

My name is Kayla Perez and I am currently a third year studying at UCLA. I have had the amazing opportunity to be a Development and Communications intern at Music Forward for the Spring Semester. Now that the internship has come to an end, I can honestly say that this experience has been nothing short of fulfilling, challenging, and overall copious amounts of fun.

Given that this was my first time delving into the internship world, I was immensely nervous. I did not know what to expect and I wanted to do well at my job. However, from the minute I walked in on my first day, the nerves drifted away fast, for everyone was super welcoming and ultimately made the transition into the internship smoother than ever. As my first day continued, we were all asked to help set up for our event NammJam. I will never forget that everyone at the office came together to help out in any way that they could. It was this collective effort and team-oriented environment that made me realize that this was definitely the right place for me. Additionally, getting to attend and work the event allowed me to see further the passion and dedication that all members of the Music Forward team truly embody.

Fast forward a few weeks and I was already participating in various tasks and projects. From writing blog posts about our talented artists to learning how to efficiently media pitch for our various events, this internship has provided me with the valuable skills necessary for the professional world as well as challenge me in order to discover my own capabilities. I was also able to be a part of our Story Collection Project, in which I got to interview various students in our programs and see firsthand how Music Forward has positively impacted their lives both professionally and personally. Additionally, I got to personally work with the current class of students in our Bringing Down the House program, which allowed me to also see how Music Forward truly encourages creativity and career exploration in the entertainment industry. Within Bringing Down the House, Music Forward  provides the opportunity for young artists to explore their individuality and grow in their musical journey. I could not help but feel fulfilled, for these programs are truly changing the lives of these young people.

Overall, I will continue to be inspired by the work of this organization. I am excited to see all the amazing things that they will produce in the future. This internship has honestly been an unbelievable experience and because of it, I feel more prepared and confident in myself to tackle whatever challenge, whether personally or professionally, comes my way. They have taught me to always “Rock Your Role,” and because of the skills acquired through this internship, I can now do so with confidence and fervor.