Imagine the coolest career day. Ever. All Access offers a VIP backstage pass to learn about coveted gigs in the music industry. No musical skills required – just a passion to learn. Designed to inspire, create momentum, and redefine what’s possible with hands-on experience in behind-the-scenes jobs most people only dream about. Youth are invited to tour live entertainment venues and discover careers in the music industry that don’t require being on stage to be a star.


Discover a New Career

All Access gives youth an opportunity to learn about a wide range of exciting careers in the music industry:

  • Box Office
  • Marketing
  • Culinary
  • Production
  • Human Resources
  • Talent Buyers
  • Special Events
  • Restaurant
  • VIP Services
  • Accounting
  • Venue Management
  • Retail


Program Specifics

This FREE program is currently offered in the following markets:

Chicago ~ Dallas ~ Houston ~ Las Vegas ~ New Orleans ~ Orlando

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All Access prepares students to explore careers in the music industry with practical resources and facilitated learning on-site (your classroom/organization). Then Music Forward takes students on a 90-minute tour of a local live entertainment venue where industry experts share their professional journey, and offer tips and advice from the field.

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