Imagine the coolest career day. Ever. All Access offers a VIP backstage pass to learn about coveted gigs in the music industry. No musical skills required – just a passion to learn. Designed to inspire, create momentum, and redefine what’s possible with hands-on experience in behind-the-scenes jobs most people only dream about. Youth are invited to tour live entertainment venues and discover careers in the music industry that don’t require being on stage to be a star.


All Access with Khalid

Music Forward students toured House of Blues Chicago, watched Khalid in action during sound check, and learned about Khalid’s path to success.

Get Involved

All Access prepares students to explore careers in the music industry with practical resources and facilitated learning. Music Forward invites students on a 90-minute tour of a local live entertainment venue where industry experts share their professional journey and offer tips and advice from the field.

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Chicago ~ Dallas ~ Las Vegas ~ Los Angeles ~ New Orleans

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